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Mary Jayne Gold     "Crossroads Marseille 1940" by Mary Jayne Gold   "Marseille année 40" de Mary Jayne GoldFrench edition, 2001

Excerpts from Crossroads Marseille 1940,
a memoir by Mary Jayne Gold

originally published in 1980 by Doubleday & Company, Inc.
© 1980 Mary Jayne Gold, © 1980 Mary Jayne Gold. All rights reserved.
All rights available from Pierre Sauvage and the Varian Fry Institute.

Crossroads Marseille—the movie

Synopsis by Mary Jayne Gold of her book.

Currently online—more to come?:

  • Author's Note
    Prologue (background on the Emergency Rescue Committee)
    CHAPTER 1 (Before Marseille)
    CHAPTER 2 (Before Marseille)
    CHAPTER 3 (Before Marseille)
    CHAPTER 4 (Before Marseille)
    CHAPTER 5 (Before Marseille)
    CHAPTER 6 (Before Marseille)
    CHAPTER 7 (arrival in Marseille)
    CHAPTER 10
    CHAPTER 11
    CHAPTER 12
    CHAPTER 13
    CHAPTER 14
    CHAPTER 15
    CHAPTER 16
    CHAPTER 17
    CHAPTER 18
    CHAPTER 19
    CHAPTER 20
    CHAPTER 21
    CHAPTER 22
    CHAPTER 23
    CHAPTER 24
    CHAPTER 25
    CHAPTER 26
    CHAPTER 27
    CHAPTER 28
    CHAPTER 29
    CHAPTER 30
    CHAPTER 31
  • Please note: The French spelling "Marseille," without the "s," is used, except when quoting others, who use the "Marseilles" spelling. (If anybody knows why the "s" was added in English, please advise. Thank you.)

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