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Varian Fry

Varian Fry Exhibits
in Marseille in 1999

Conseil Général Fry Exhibit in Marseille



Photograph (by André Gomès, Gomès Collection, Chambon Foundation) is of artist
Marcel Duchamp gesturing from prow of steamship upon his departure from Marseille in 1942


Historical exhibit: March 18 - June 30, 1999, Marseille.  Exposition historique “ Mission américaine de sauvetage des intellectuels anti-nazis; Marseille 1940-1942 ” : du 18 mars au 30 juin, Hôtel du Département des Bouches-du-Rhône, 52 avenue de Saint-Just à Marseille.

• Art Exhibit: Jan. 12 - April 11, 1999, Aix-en-Provence.  Exposition d’arts plastiques “ Sur les quais; Marseille 1940-1941; Varian Fry et les candidats à l’exil. ” : du 12 janvier au 11 avril, Galerie d’Art, 21 bis, cours Mirabeau à Aix-en-Provence.

• Conference: March 19-20, Marseille.  Colloque “ Sauvetage et résistance à Marseille : Varian Fry et le Comité Américain de Secours (1940-1941) ” : le 19 et 20 mars, Hôtel du Département à Marseille.

These events were sponsored by the Conseil Général des Bouches-du-Rhône in association with the Chambon Foundation.

This was the first such exhibit held outside of the U.S.  The events were organized under the chairmanship of prominent French writer Edmonde Charles-Roux.  The Chambon Foundation provided many of the photographs for the exhibit, with Pierre Sauvage serving as a member of the organizing committee and moderating the first session of the conference, a discussion with many of Varian Fry's colleagues.

Historical Exhibit catalogue, Varian Fry, Marseille 1940-41, published by Editions Actes Sud (catalogue English-language rights: Chambon Foundation);

Art Exhibit catalogue, Varian Fry, Marseille 1940-41, et les candidats à l'exil (Arp, Bellmer, Brauner, Breton, Bryen, Chagall, Delanglade, Dominguez, Duchamp, Ernst, Frances, Gomès, Hérold, Lam, Lamba, Lipchitz, Magnelli, Masson, Matta, Springer, Wold), published by Editions Actes Sud;

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