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Varian Fry

Archives with
Varian Fry-related materials

Varian Fry Institute (data pending).  The large holdings (photographs, documents, books) notably , the Annette Riley Fry Collection (including Varian Fry's original negatives from 1940-41), the Mary Jayne Gold Collection, the Miriam Davenport Ebel Collection, the Charles Fernley Fawcett Collection, the Tracy Strong, Jr. Collection, the Howard and Gertrude Keshner Collection.

Varian Fry Papers at Columbia University, Rare Books and Manuscript Library. Varian Fry's papers and some of his photographs were deposited by his family at Columbia University, and this material is a treasure trove for anybody interested in the subject.  The photographic catalogue was compiled by Pierre Sauvage.

Deutsche Bibliothek: Deutsches Exilarchiv 1933 - 1945  "Die Deutsche Bibliothek maintains two exile collections: the Sammlung Exil-Literatur 1933 - 1945 of the Deutsche Bücherei Leipzig and the Deutsches Exilarchiv 1933 - 1945 of the Deutsche Bibliothek Frankfurt am Main. Both of these collections contain printed works written or published abroad by German-speaking emigrants as well as leaflets, brochures and other materials produced in whole or in part by German-speaking exiles."  The Frankfurt collection includes Emergency Rescue Committee files.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum archives.  Photographs and documents assembled notably for its "Assignment: Rescue" exhibits.

Museum of Modern Art archives: The reference to "Artist file - miscellaneous uncataloged material" is to photographs of Henri Matisse taken in 1940-41 by Varian Fry.  The Museum also has photographs taken in Marseille by Ylla.  (All of Fry's other original negatives from that time are at the Varian Fry Institute.)

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

International Rescue Committee.

Annette Riley Fry Collection (private).

Records of the Oram Group, The Harold L. Oram Papers and Records of the Oram Group, Inc.., 1939-1992 (Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis).  Reference to files "Emergency Rescue Committee 1940-1944 A92-19 7/11-7/14." Biographical information on Emergency Rescue Committee fund-raiser Harold Oram.

Inventory of the Feuchtwanger Memorial Library. Manuscript Holdings Department of Special Collections University of Southern California.

Feuchtwanger Memorial Library. Articles About Fellow Artists Finding Aid. Includes correspondance with Varian Fry, as well as correspondance with other cultural figures helped by the Fry committee. Writer Lion Feuchtwanger and his wife Marta Feuchtwanger were themselves assisted by Fry and especially by Hiram Bingham, Jr., the righteous vice-consul at the U. S. Consulate in Marseille.

Marje Schuetze-Coburn's compilation for the Feuchtwanger Memorial Library of sites of interest to German exile studies

The German Emigre Collection developed by Prof. John M. Spalek of the University of Albany, NY, German Department.

Centre de documentation musicale/Bibliothèque Gustav Mahler (French).
The Gustav Mahler Library
in Paris (in English), the indispensable resource for Mahler scholars and aficionados, run by music scholar and Mahler biographer Henry-Louis de La Grange.

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